A Message from the President of AAEE:

Arkansas Academy of Electrical Engineers,

As the President of this Academy for the school year 2018 -2019, I start by saying that I am humbled to be elected in such a capacity. I am a graduate of 1986 from the University of Arkansas Fayetteville with my BSEE. I have spent most of my working career for Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company where I worked as a Distribution Engineer; Relay and Control Engineer; System Protection & Control Engineer; Manager of Technical Training, Environmental, and Safety Departments; and lastly as a Lead Project Manager prior to my retirement in 2016. I now work for Electrical Consulting, Inc. as a Senior Project Manager where I manage an office with engineering personnel and construction management services.

Immediately after being elected during the 2018 AAEE Business Meeting, several of the student organizations’ officers conversed with me about their activities and affiliations within the Electrical Engineering Department. I made a commitment to them that I would get involved and support them as much as possible during this school year. I am happy to say that I got involved with them early in the Fall Semester by presenting the topic Safety and Integrity to the Senior Design Class. I would like to encourage other members of AAEE to get involved with the U of A Electrical Engineering students through mentoring.

During the Business Meeting, we were greeted by Dean John English who gave an update on the state of the College of Engineering and Campaign Arkansas. Presentations were made by Dr. Juan Balda – current state of the Electrical Engineering Department, Robert Saunders – the undergraduate program of the Department, and Stacy Gunderman – Arkansas STEM Coalition.

The current officers and Board of Directors are:

Brian Naylor – Vice President

Robert Saunders – Secretary/Treasurer

Heath Bebout

Colin Oetken

James Bryant

We hope to see you all at the next AAEE Banquet and Business Meeting, April 12-13, 2019.


Eugene Jenkins – AAEE President