A Message from the President of AAEE:

Arkansas Academy of Electrical Engineers,

Greetings from “The Hill!” First, let me say that I am honored to be serving as the President of the Academy as we enter our 40th year of honoring EE graduates & faculty of the University of Arkansas. Even after nearly 30 years of honors, awards, and “adventures” in industry. I still consider being elected to the Academy as one of the prouder moments of my career.

This year’s Academy officers and Board of Directors are:

Heath Bebout – Vice President

Robert Saunders – Secretary/Treasurer

Eugene Jenkins – Board Member

Brian Rowden – Board Member

Lee Warren – Board Member

Over the past year, an ad hoc committee within the Academy spent time working to provide focal points and guidelines for how the Academy can best utilize our resources to impact the Electrical Engineering department. One of the primary recommendations was to increase support of hands-on STEM promotion. When asked, the majority of the leaders of our EE student organizations stated that they became interested in electrical engineering because they participated in a robotics, electronic, or other club in high school. These hands-on experiences gave them the confidence in their ability to pursue an EE career. (as well as discovering electrical engineering is really cool!) One of my primary goals this year is to find new innovative ways that we can support and grow STEM efforts that increase interest in electrical engineering and specifically electrical engineering at the University of Arkansas.

As I mentioned, this is the Academy’s 40th anniversary. We hope to make our banquet and business meeting next spring the best and largest ever. So, mark your calendars now for April 24-25, 2020 and plan to join us. Better yet, reach out to one of the officers and let them know you’d like to help plan the events. I look forward to seeing all of you there, especially those of you who I’ve not had a chance to meet previously.


Brian Naylor – AAEE President